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Specializing in Energy Efficient Products & Services for small and large businesses.

Utility Rebates

Utility rebates & incentives are available for a myriad of Energy Efficient Measures; making the switch to energy efficiency easier than ever before.

Among the more obvious reasons for taking advantage of available rebates & incentives, i.e. saving energy, upgrading look & feel, the most overlooked maybe that you have already paid for these rebates through your utility bill. Most local utilities fund rebates and incentives through a line item, generally called a ‘public purpose programs surcharge’ in your bill.
CTC can help you earn money back you paid out to your utility and help you save more going forward.



investing in energy efficiency

Is your business leaving money on the table? Inefficient equipment can slowly be draining your bottom line and business. Imagine upgrading your business, refreshing the look and feel while saving energy at the same time.

We provide an array of simple low and no cost energy saving measures for your business with minimum interruption. Contact us today for a free energy audit.

led lighting

Reboot with LED lighting. The cost of LED lighting has significantly decreased over the years, making now a great time to take advantaging of upgrading while many incentives and rebates are still available.
Benefits to upgrading to LED Lighting:

  • LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy than traditional lighting
  • LEDs offer a brilliant aesthetic to any home or business
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • LED lighting has superior life versus fluorescent or incandescent lighting
  • Increased Property Value & Curb Appeal
  • Added Comfort and HVAC Cost


What we offer:

Coast To Coast Energy has a dedicated and knowledgeable Team to help guide customers in every step of the process from consultations, energy efficient audits and recommendations and implementation. Our team not only will deliver on all aspects of installations, we also tend to all necessary pre and post utility paperwork.

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